Neighborhood Associations

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Iowa City is a collection of authentic, vibrant neighborhoods and districts. This sophisticated network is always evolving as the community grows, leadership emerges, and new ideas are shared. Since the inception of the Iowa City Neighborhood Outreach Program in 1997, 33 neighborhoods have become established Neighborhood Associations in Iowa City.

Neighborhood Associations are all about building community and relationships, both neighbor to neighbor and neighborhood to city government. Furthermore, they commit to collaborate with the City to identify solutions to community issues, share information, give feedback on public improvement projects, and participate in community planning and decision-making processes. The City’s role is to listen to and connect Neighborhood Associations with services and help facilitate and support their goals, programming, and events – from public art, neighborhood potlucks and festivals to beautification projects, neighborhood cleanups, and other requests that align with our City’s Strategic Plan. Depending on the goals of the association, meetings may be held twice a year, once a quarter, every month, or simply when involvement in issues is necessary. Watch the Know Your Neighborhood series to learn more about Iowa City's neighborhoods.

Not sure if you reside within the boundaries of an existing Neighborhood Association? Check out map boundaries of each association in the Neighborhood Map section. If you live in a recognized neighborhood, we encourage you to contact your neighborhood representative to get involved with your local association. If you do not live within an association boundary, reach out to us to learn how you can help start a neighborhood association.

If you are interested in information related to Homeowner's Associations in Iowa City, please visit the Iowa Secretary of State's Business Entity Database webpage to obtain contact information for HOA Board members.

PIN Grant Program


 *Note this video includes the 2019 PIN grant schedule.

The City of Iowa City strives to strengthen the communities we serve. We are dedicated to promoting positive neighborhood activities, encouraging collaboration, developing relationships between generations and cultures, and building a strong sense of community.

Each year, the City of Iowa City supports residents through the Program for Improving Neighborhoods (PIN) Grant program. PIN Grant projects support a wide range of initiatives that engage and energize neighborhoods through collaborative and creative means.

Please feel free to contact the City at if you have questions or need any assistance with the PIN grant application process.

Refer to the Toolkit: PIN Grant Overview as a guide to understanding the requirements and goals of the grant program.